Saturday, October 15, 2011

What a Great Start to my Weekend

It's so nice to be sitting at home on a Saturday night watching Mamma Mia and relaxing on the couch. After quite the busy couple of days it is definitely needed. I am also looking forward to having both Sunday and Monday off to lounge around and catch up on some much needed R&R and sleep.

My week ended with the worst Friday at work ever. Everyone was irritating me I could barely keep it together. Friday's are already hard enough because you know the weekend is right around the corner. It was a tough day to get through. However, I am happy I didn't stay up all night to wait in line for the new iPhone 4S or I would have been even more tired and irritable. People are crazy to wait for over 12 hours for a phone, regardless how cool or how much you want/need it. I, myself am a BlackBerry girl however this new iPhone is really making me consider the change. It is by far has the coolest technology ever!

Après work it was my good friend Jesse's Charity Gala. Team Brother Bear raises money for Cancer Research and is an amazing event that I could not miss. I love getting all fancy and having a good dinner and some drinks with good friends. Always ends up being a fun evening that won't be forgotten. Since we are all grown up now and spreading our wings in different directions these events are a great way to get everyone together to support such a great cause.

I'm sure some of you out there are interested to know what I was wearing... Well I wore a black BCBG dress that I bought for Valentines Day last year and just haven't had another
opportunity to wear it. I figured this was perfect, not too dressy but just dressy enough. I paired my dress with a pair of grey sky high suede pumps from Aldo with a peep toe and a beaded detail pendent on the toe. The shoes weren't the comfiest... I hope with the more wear they stretch out and get comfier because I LOVE them!! LOVE LOVE THEM!

Today, I finally painted my condo with the help of the paint master, aka Manisha! My condo finally feels like home and now just a space I was keeping my stuff in. It's crazy how big of a different paint can make! Since my condo is an open concept and my kitchen, tv room and dinner room are all one big space I decided that I needed to somehow paint each separate space to distinguish them. So I ended up painting my kitchen "area" a moss green colour and the other walls a beige colour. However, the exciting pair is that I am going to wallpaper the wall that's behind my couch to creat a focal wall and some interest. Wallpaper date - TBA

My plan for tomorrow is to head to Aldo and purchase those Leopard Print booties I have been talking about and regreating my buying the last time I was in the mall. I also want to go to Urban Barn to check out their chair selection and possibly buy a turquoise budda figurine. Other than that I will be lazing around doing nothing and enjoying every second of it! I just hope I'm not too sore tomorrow from painting because I am already feeling some aches and pains.

Unit then, have a safe, yet fun Saturday night!

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