Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Always one last thing

As I am heading to bed my girlfriend Christina messages me to see what I am planning for LG Fashion Week in Toronto. Since it is October 17th - 21st I need to start thinking of this.

So far I have compiled a list of the shows I am interested in seeing... However each show is $50 so I need to pick and choose wisely.

LG Fashion Week Spring 2012 Options:

Lovas - Tuesday 18th 8pm
Attitude Jay Manuel - 8:30pm

Caroline Neron - Thursday 20th 7:30pm

Judith and Charles - Friday 21st 7:30pm
David Dixon - Friday 21st 8:30pm
Denis Gangon - Friday 21st 9:30pm

David Dixon is a for sure, I cannot miss that one. I think I want to go to two other ones, preferably on different nights. Avoids rushing and running around. HELP!!! What shows do you guys think I should go to?

It is officially bed time now. Got the last stress out of me and semi organized for me to figure out hopefully tomorrow... Fingers crossed! Another early morning tomorrow, followed by a late night dancing, singing, drinking and hanging with my friend at the KOL Concert at the ACC! I have been waiting so long for tomorrow night you do not understand. Don't worry I will share every moment, well maybe not every moment with you tomorrow!

Tah tah for now,

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