Monday, October 10, 2011

I am feeling quite chef-like today.

So after yesterday's pie baking I still felt super chefy so I decided to make apple sauce. Who knew apple sauce was so easy to make... Wow all you need is apples, sugar, water and cinnamon and man it is delish. After cooking that I still felt like I needed to cook more, so decided to make my homemake chicken and vegetable soup. Yummy! Perfect fall meal... Even know it is 30 degrees outside.

Not only did I have a busy day with cooking, I also met up with my parents to buy some paint for my condo. I was able to find the colours I wanted. A dark green for the kitchen and a light beige for the rest of my walls. I then found wallpaper that I liked to wallpaper the wall behind my couch in my living room. So exciting!! I will be painting next weekend and hopefully wallpapering not too much after that! My condo is finally starting to fell like home :) I also picked up two barstools from Urban Barn for my kitchen island. For the past 4 months I have been using my dinner room table bar stools, and being super annoyed moving them whenever needing to. All I need now is a chair... Any ideas where I could get a modern accent chair in Toronto? it is so tough to find one, I never thought it would be! I then went to Urban Outfitters and got more multiple hanger hangers for my closet and was able to pick up a lot of other goodies and odds and ends... Most importantly and excitingly a steamer. I can't wait to start using it. I can't stand it when my silk tops get all wrinkled from tucking them in and then I either only wear them tucked in until it is time to take them to the Dry Cleaners or I take them to the Dry Cleaners before needed just so the wrinkles are gone! I know I am ridiculous but it drives me mental... So overall today was quite the successful shopping day!

Oh my goodness... I gave one of my pies to my parents and they said it was delish... Eating half the pie in one sitting! That is just so exciting!! I can't wait for an occasion to pull mine out of the freezer and through her in the oven!

Well I am off to bed... Can't wait to enjoy another day off tomorrow and then have a short 4 day week... I'll probably spend the day lounging and cleaning my condo... Catching up with chores and things that I should have done Saturday or Sunday but just didn't have the time.

I can't wait until Tuesday ... KOL with the gang part 2! I already know it is going to be just as good or better then last years concert!

Well until then, take care and have fun!

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