Saturday, October 08, 2011

Apple Picking

Omg... If you have never gone apple picking, you are TOTALLY missing out. I went today for the very first time for my girlfriend Nicole's 25th birthday and omg it was a blast. I am not usually the one to like or spend too much time outdoors surrounded by nature but I put that aside and sucked it up and ended up having such an awesome day! The unusual 30 degree weather was also a very nice surprise. Wearing shorts, a silk tee and gladiator sandals in October... Not too shabby.

What was so awesome about today is not only did we go apple picking (picking WAY too many, I might add) we enjoyed a lovely pic-nic full on yummy yummy food! Since I am cleansing it was tough... And I might have fallen into temptation... I couldn't help it! I was also able to pick up some festive decorations for my condo - Indian corn, 4 mini gourds and a mini pumpkin. I am heading to Urban Outfitters tomorrow to pick up a dish so I can complete my arrangment. Wow I am lame!

So now i am at home, with no plans tonight watching the Leafs game and surrounded by an abundant amount of apples. Please tell me what I am going to do with 50+ apples. Well I have already made and baked 2 home made fresh apple pies, well I bought the crust. That can be our little secret. Thinking this would use up most of the apples, man I was wrong! I still have so many. BAH! what was I thing while I kept on picking apples... Well next on my list to make is apple sauce, I am going to leave that until Monday, don't need to get all cooked out. Does anyone have any receipts for yummy apple sauce? If so let me know.

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