Saturday, April 09, 2016

Day 3 at #TFW - David Dixon Fall/Winter 2016 Collection

After losing his Sister suddenly last Spring, David found it tough to continue creating through fashion and design and was beginning to think that this part of his life was "lost forever". However, after being contacted by Ovarian Cancer Canada to collaborate on a potential project he gained back his passion and was ready to honour his Sister's legacy by spreading the word to all women about health related issues. And with that "The Gene Collection" was born, taking a spin on denim and genetics by incorporating denim into every garment to express being comfortable with not only your clothes but our genetics. Said beautifully by David himself, "This evening's collection represents a new beginning for me. The "Gene Collection" is about using fashion, specifically jean fabric, to kick-start a public conversation about the role of genes in ovarian cancer, and to encourage women to learn more about their genetics. This is a collection about all women; it is a call to be beautiful and strong, but also proactive. Tonight, if anything, "Know Your Genes," listen to your body and soul, and celebrate your individuality."
The monochromatic collection featured an array of stunning wearable pieces from skirts to dresses and blouses to jackets, featuring intricate detailing through sheer panelling, grommets, and studs that really brought this collection to life, considering the white - grey - black theme. 

Every T was crossed and I was dotted when it came to the design and craftsmanship of these pieces. David's use of tulle and silks were paying homage to his late Sister's love of these fabrics, representing delicacy. Subtle prints and ombré fabrics also graced the runway. He created a lot of layered looks with shimmering fabrics/hardware and lace up detailing showing the union of strong and soft layers that us women are built with. 

The collection was shown to strong powerful music and ended on such a high with Cancer Survivors walking the runway with David Celebrating his Collection and Collaboration with Ovarian Cancer Canada. To say there wasn't a dry eye in the house would be an understatement. 
Images and Video are from Toronto Fashion Week.