Thursday, October 27, 2011

5 Haunted Spots in Toronto

Since it is getting close to Halloween I thought I would share 5 Haunted Places in Toronto!  These are definitely worth checking out if you are in or around the area! A good scare is always fun and the real thing is so much better than a movie.

1. Fort York, Toronto - this has the most reports of ghost sighting in Toronto and surprisingly they have been during the daytime.  Check out the Centre Blockhouse and the Officer's Quarters as the most reports come from these two areas.

2. The Keg Manson, Toronto - the sounds of Children running around upstairs and sightings of the families maid hanging in the main foyer.  Also, the bathrooms upstairs have had alot of reports of ghost/spirit activity.

3. The Royal York Hotel - multiple reports of noises and stange activity all revolving around a man hanging himself.  Also, reports of noises and music playing in the Ballroom when no events are going on.  There is alot of history in this building leading up to a lot of unanswered questions.

4. The Lower (Old) Bay Station - night workers of the TTC have reported sightings of a women they refer to as "The Lady in Red" who haunts this area.  She is distraught and wearing a long dress.  She also is reported to be walking towards them with no feet or eyes.  These tunnels are no longer in use and are closed off to the public.  If you're at Bay Station at night listen closely maybe you'll be lucky and hear her singing from a distance.

5. The Old Don Jail -  home to a lot of criminals and evil over the years.  There were a lot of hangings and maltreated inmates.  The most reported sighting is of an angry female inmate who hung herself in her cell and has haunted the grounds ever since. People have also reported cold spots throughout the jail and unexplained anxiousness.

I myself have not visited any of these locations, as I am a bit of a wimp.  However, after doing some research these were the top mentioned places on multiple lists, so they have to be good!  It is worth the trip if you are up for a scare and an adventure!

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