Saturday, October 22, 2011

Local Accessories Store Sharing Designs from Peru

On one of my many shopping trips around Toronto I decided I needed to finally check out all the independant stores in my area, Queen St. West.  I was so excited to run into this store, Lady Mosquito, which is just west of Ossington on Queen St West (1020 Queen St West).  This store has some fabulous jewelery which is imported from Peru.  Everything they sell is handmade in Peru and then imported to be sold in Canada.  I purchased a couple of necklaces that I could not leave the store without.  They are handmade out of Seads from the Amazon rainforest which are collected when they fall to the ground and then used to make jewelery. The necklaces I picked up are very reasonably priced, $43-$49 and are sure to be recognized.

By clicking here. Lady Mosquito, you will be linked to their live website, which includes online shopping, a blurb about the store and much much more.

Dont forget to check this store out.  I can guarantee you wont be disapointed.

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  1. I also love that little colourful store, there's always something new and beautiful, great for finding a special gift for a friend or for yourself...