Saturday, October 22, 2011

Denis Gagnon S/S 2012 - LG Fashion Week

To close this years LG Spring/Summer 2012 Fashion Week in Toronto the talented Denis Gagnon displayed his S/S Collection in a playful and fun Runway Show.  Starting the show off with a Short Fashion Film displaying some of his collection, he already had the audience engaged.  The show then started and was extremely playful and fun, having model flirting with the Media Pit at the end of the runway.  Skipping and twirling down the runway really showcasing the movement of the clothes.  I have posted some pictures from my blackberry, again the pictures are not very good.  I will try and upload some more from the FDCC if and when they post them.  Hope you enjoy :)

Jeanne Beker sat front row taking in every moment.

Another great show come and gone.  Congrats Denis on the fantastic collection.  If you would like to purchase some items from his runway show you can do so by going to the Peacock Parade's website.  Click the link and shop away.

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