Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Zimmermann - #NYFW Spring 2017

"I grew up in the suburbs of Sydney," said Nicky Zimmermann today. "About 45 minutes out of the city - you were kind of deprived of access to the subculture happening in town. So, every Saturday, I'd drive in with my friends and we'd make our own outfits." This origin story served as the inspiration for Zimmermann's Spring collection. What that morphed into on the runway was clothing that had a ruffled pomp with polished, DIY kind of indifference, rife with lace, tulle, layers, prints, and detail. What's regularly remarkable about Zimmermann is the brand's ability to produce high-quality, intricate workmanship while retailing at a sub-designer price point. Zimmermann mentioned that the overall feel of the collection was also "kind of sexy pirate," a descriptor that must have sprung from the "romanticism" of her youthful memories. Sometimes that manifestation looked a little derivative of, say, Rodarte, but it wasn't bothersome." - vogue.com

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