Friday, September 30, 2016

Gucci - #MFW Spring 2017

"We are in a simulacrum of a '70s nightclub or maybe it's a high-class pick-up joint. It feels like being in a movie set. But something is not right. "You know when you are in love, in a nightclub, but you are not in the right place, the person is not there?" said Alessandro Michele, in a backstage preview, minutes before his strangely solemn Gucci creatures set their gigantically platformed feet on the plush pink runway. There were fairy-tale chiffon dresses tipped in zigzag sparkle. Eighties Ungaro - meets - New Wave cocktailwear in taffeta that was frilled, floral ruched, and straight out of the Ivana Trump era. Fragile dresses, deliberately aged, which looked as if they were relics of the Depression. Either way, what they were wearing was of near haute couture level, from the hats through the embroideries, down to the gilded, rose-strewn insoles." -

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