Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Julien Macdonald - #LFW Spring 2017

 "When I go to Africa, I don't go on my own," said the preternaturally ageless Welsh designer Julien Macdonald after his Spring 2017 show. "I go with the Rolling Stones and Kanye and Beyoncé. This is Julien's Africa!" This season's high-octane girl hailed from the Kenyan plains of the Maasai Mara reserve. "It's a rock'n'roll interpretation of Afro-chic that is glam and fun," said Macdonald. "My Africa is metallic and gold and glitter and studs and everything you wouldn't expect to find there." The collection included pale pink, armor-like iterations of snakeskin, animalistic ombré metallic fringing, and textural slate tones on risqué dresses that revealed much more than they concealed. There was much artistry here, though few surprises. But for Macdonald's devoted band of red carpet lovelies that's exactly the point." -

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