Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Temperley London - #LFW Spring 2017

 "Suffice it to say that Alice Temperley seems to be in the pro-summer festival camp. Her latest collection was an out-and-out homage to happy-go-lucky weekends coiffing champagne beside a fully kitted-out RV. As collection conceits go, it was highly specific. And yet Temperley managed to strike a universal chord. As ever, she did so by playing to her clothes' optimistic femininity, expressed here by looks in cherry sunset colors, with a summery sense of ease to the cuts. In this outing, Temperley leaned hard on hippieish troped - halter-neck maxi dresses, smocked peasant tops, dream catcher motifs. Temperley is a rigorous designer, which made for an odd fit with a theme all about letting your hair down. You'll be unlikely to hear any complaints from her loyal customer." -

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