Monday, October 28, 2013

Christian Dior Spring 2014 #PFW

"A tropical hothouse greeted guests at Dior.  Set in the gardens of the Rodin Museum, exotic orchids and gloriously coloured vines both real and artificial cascaded down from metal scaffolding, creating a surreal pleasure garden.  The set was an 'experimental habitation of the new flower woman, a place of hyper-reaity and artificiality, yet strangely grounded amongst the natural and the everyday', said the show notes.  A tribe of flower women?  The mind boggled: What new breed of Dior woman?  Genetically modified?  A Traveller, Transformer and Transporter, according to Artistic Director Raf Simons: 'I wanted a sense of a particular group of women, a distinct new tribe, sophisticated and savage at the same time,' he explained.  'I wanted to feel that you wouldn't know quite where these women were coming from and where they were going to, that they exist in a new place of change and possibility.'  The result of all this was his boldest story yet for Dior.  This was Raf being Raf, as opposed to Raf's Rafness being squeezed by the self imposed restrictions of the weighty heritage of the house." -

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