Monday, February 04, 2013

Beyonce's Half Time Show

With the Super Bowl this past Sunday, as you can read here, I wasn't too sure whether I was more excited to watch the actual game or for Beyonce's Half Time Show with potential Destiny's Child reunion.  Although the game was A-MA-ZING and a surprising yet well deserved win by the Ravens; the real show stopper was Beyonce's Half Time Show.  Much like Madonna's last year, B went all out in leather costume and even made a crazy double Beyonce head stage with fire and lights galore.  The second the lights came on and Beyonce strut down the "runway" I knew we were in for a fab treat!
B's costume was designed by New York-based fashion designer Rubin Singer, who not only designed Beyonce's, he also designed costumes for Michelle Williams and all 120 back up dancers.  Beyonce's costume featured a leather cropped moto jacket, which was quickly removed, baring a leather bodysuit made from python and iguana, and lace inserts.  Which you can see the sketches above and the real thing below.  HAWT HAWT HAWT!  Completing her H2T look were black thigh-high stockings, black booties, black opera length gloves, a bedroom smokey eye, and a blond curled mane.  The mother of daughter, Blue Ivy, looked absolutely stunning and a little Tyra Banks-esk.  Don't you think?
Other than Beyonce's gorgeous costume and out of this world performance; the next best thing was the well anticipated Destiny's Child reunion, which was on then off then on again then off again... Then on again when Michelle and Kelly flew up from under the stage singing "Bootylicious" and "Independent Women".  I know I wasn't the only one out there who was literally sitting on the end of the couch so excited and singing along with the trio.  However, on a little of a negative note, I was sad that they helped Beyonce sing her smash hit "Single Ladies"when they have numerous hits they could have sung instead.  Hello "Survivor", "Jumpin' Jumpin'", and "Say My Name".
What did you guys think of Beyonce's Half Time Show?  Did it live up to all of your expectations?  Leave your comments below letting me know, I love hearing from all you!

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