Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Saint Laurent Fall 2015 #RTW #PFW

"Slimane's Saint Laurent woman has always had an edge, but this season she's unapologetically a bad girl, wearing leather leggings with cutouts all the way up the thighs; a black leather dress slit up to her undies, assuming she's even bothered to wear any; and ripped and shredded tights above black leather ankle boots. The shoes were killer, but those tights veered dangerously close to cliché. And they distracted form the fine workmanship (one of Slimane's secret weapons) that defined a lot of what we saw tonight. Number like black and gold polka-dot beaded one-sleeve cocktail dress or a strapless style crisscrossed with zippers, a tulle crumb catcher frilling out from the bust. Alongside the haute stuff, of which there was more than ever, there were a good number of the kind of animal-print capes, navy peacoats, leather motorcycle jackets, and patchwork furs he's been showing since his YSL beginnings two-and-a-half years ago, and that have been turning up with increasing frequency all over the crowds at fashion month and beyond." -

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