Thursday, March 12, 2015

Guy Laroche Fall 2015 #RTW #PFW

"The route he chose was rock - a hard, deconstructed edge that, for all its tip of the cap to Guy's signatures. such as open-backed top and use of the shiny skin known as 'paper leather,' went looks for relevance in much shadier places. One of Andrascik's stated influences was The Pillow Book, Peter Greenaway's cult movie from 1996 that revolved around the fetishistic power of body art in Japanese culture and the unabashed nudity of Ewan McGregor. The foil effect worked when it was used to define sinuous knit dresses that were Andrascik's most successful stab at relevance. The mesh overlay he applied to fitted jersey dresses also put a glint in the eye of the Guy Laroche renaissance. Andrascik did mention that one of the things that appealed to him most about The Pillow Book was the strangeness of two cultures fusing. 'I'm a boy from Pittsburgh coming to Paris,' he mused. 'I can relate.'" -

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