Sunday, March 22, 2015

Alexander McQueen Fall 2015 #RTW #PFW

"On the catwalk tonight Sarah Burton offered up the purest distillation of that she called 'the spirit of the rose,' a flower that begins with a tight bud that opens into a lush bloom and then eventually collapses back onto itself in gorgeous decay. This show trod that same path, structure to dissolution, just like nature itself. The show notes said it better: 'the frayed nature of reality and the beauty of imperfection.' Imperfection can seldom have looked more beautiful than with models embracing, painter, Egon Schiele's twisty, fraught intensity that echoed throughout the collection. Here, it all worked in an appropriately weird way. Weird, as in the paper-thin leather that was bonded to a floral jacquard for a black trouser suit and a pink coat. Or the leather, bot so paper-thin, that was intarsia-ed into crystal-pleated bustier dresses. Or the shredded patent that made glossy puddles on top of the silk coats at the beginning of the show. Or in the distressed lace gowns that closed the presentation in the shroud of silk threads, echoing the hair with which Lee McQueen once lined his jackets. There are few designers more familiar with such a sensation that Sarah Burton. And it's perhaps her familiarity with the feeling that could inspire a dress as simply ravishing as the cloud of tiered chiffon ruffles that evoked a blood-red rose on the brink of blowsy-ness. Truly, the beauty of imperfection." -

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