Saturday, March 14, 2015

Givenchy Fall 2015 #RTW #PFW

"Tisci's done septum rings before, but tonight's face jewelry was at anther level, and it was one side of the designer's Fall mash-up. 'Victorian-chola girl,' is how he described the collection, and, as usual, it was a deeply personal trip. Many of the details here were things he's touched on in previous collection. The subtle Catholic cross stitched into the bodice of a dress, the cosseted and peplumed jackets, the dressed over cropped pants - they'll all look familiar to Givenchy fans. But everything was taken to a higher level: The execution was flawless and the clothes' dark allure was more intense than ever. The collection showcased Tisci's indisputable skills as a taylor, but it also underscored his experience as a couturier, even if the house no longer puts on a formal couture show. The final series of looks were ornately embroidered with jet beads - on a strapless bustier dress; on a slimline, bias-cut net gown; and on a pair of tailcoats with wide, short sleeves. You'll see the dresses on a red carpet sometime soon, very likely on one of tonight's front-row starts." -

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