Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear #MFW

"Roberto Cavalli looked East for his latest collection. But there was more. In the Mood for Love, to be precise. The windowpane-checked cheongsam worn by Maggie Cheun in Wong Kar-Wai's modern classic sparked a visible train of throughout for the designer. The check was duplicated in white string embroidery on micro-sequined evening dresses, in the grid of white paillettes that nestled in a fur jacket, in the pattern formed by silk fringed to look like fur. Then it was just a question of decorative detail: metal pagoda buttons, heavily beaded floral motifs from the Ming dynasty, sinuous opium-garden embroideries mounted on a faded tiger print, the gold fringing on a jade gilet, the abundant silk fringing that swept the floor in the finale."  style.com

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