Sunday, September 22, 2013

Victoria Beckham Spring 2014 #NYFW

"Victoria Beckham has been thinking about the nineties-but not quite the decade as she famously lived it herself as a Spice Girl. "Ah, no," she said backstage, after she wiped away tears, hugged her husband, parents, and two-year-old baby daughter Harper: "I was in ... costume!"  But now, here she is today, distilling, feminizing, and updating the aesthetics of the minimalist-conceptualist-edgy nineties - the aesthetic of white shirts, camisole tops, dresses over pants, and men's tailoring.  It must be the last thing her original teen fan base ever dreamed they'd see. But times change, and Beckham has reinvented herself, with credit, as one of Britain's new cohort of 21st-centry fashion successes.  And there she was proving it: Standing to explain things to her audience in a crisp, white shirt tucked into a pair of black man-tailored shorts.  "It's just me," she shrugged.  "It's everything I want to wear!" -

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