Sunday, October 19, 2014

Current Nail Polish Collection Storage

Nail Polish is one of those products that I simply cannot resist. Like lipstick, you can never have TOO MANY colours, and one is never like the other. As my collection keeps on growing and growing I had to find more and more space and storage solutions. Currently I am using this hanging jewellery storage, that has clear plastic slots making it easy to browse and find whatever colour I am looking to. However, with that being full I have been having to use my vanity drawer to house whatever new polishes I buy, which is causing clutter and not to mention the amount of space it is taking up.
After searching for the perfect storage solution I think I have FINALLY found something that is not only a space saver but extremely cute. Introducing The Color Clutch a nail polish storage/display box that holds 18 polishes of any brand. The foam technology forms to any brand's bottle shape whether big or small. Also, like my hanging jewellery storage, the lid of the box is clear to make choosing your polish quick and simple, as long as you aren't too indecisive with what colour you want. The best part though is that it only takes up 2.5 inches of space, whether you keep it hidden in your vanity drawer or put it out on display on a shelf. Visit their website to learn more about Color Clutch and also be able to purchase your very own.

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