Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Magic Kingdom

The Magic Kingdom is my favorite theme park in Disney World! It is full of Disney charactures and fun Disney movie themed rides.  Also, home to Cinderella and Price Charming!  I feel like such a kid when going back here, as it brings back so many memories of my childhood!  We went to the Magic Kingdom on Saturday because it has the Spectacle of Magic Parade at night.  This parade covers all the floats entirely of lights and dims the lights in the Park which really increases the effect of the parade! There is also the Firework display at Cinderella's Castle with an appearance from Tinker Bell, which cant be missed! (Unfortunately, because of the high winds, Tinker Bell did not make her appearance for safety reasons)

After a long day full of rides and walking around it was getting close to Parade and Firework time!  So of course we had to have a Turkey Leg in Frontier Land while waiting for the Parade to begin and while holding our spots  :)

After distroying this turkey leg the parade begins... check out some Blackberry quality pics below!

Bye Bye Magic Kingdom, until next time!

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