Thursday, October 02, 2014

Chanel #RTW Spring 2015 #PFW

"Today's set was Boulevard Chanel, a street scene immaculately re-created down to the last puddle on the asphalt and pane of glass in the apartment buildings, but when Karl Lagerfeld's models took to that street in protest, toting feminist placards and chanting slogans. 'I thought it was fun to make a demonstration about a subject I can very well adapt to,' he said. 'My mother was a feminist, and I was brought up with a history of that.' There were exuberant psychedelic splotches of water-colour shading everything from coat linings to boots, but there were also pristine white lace yokes that recalled Lagerfeld's days as creative director at Chloé, whose founder, Gaby Aghion, died this week. 'I normally never dig in my past, but suddenly I had a vision,' he said. There was va-voom sweater dressing (and who else are you going to put in a va-voom sweater dress than Gisele Bündchen?), but there was also sober navy tailoring, with seams outlined in white, lacquered pinstripes, Art Deco organzas, chain mail… don't even bother looking for a narrative thread; the fact is, as Lagerfeld said, 'They're all pieces everyone can play with. No '60s, no '70s, no whatever, more mode de vie than mode." -

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