Sunday, December 16, 2012

Online and WalMart Haul

You all know I have a shopping problem and I must say that online shopping is my weakness.  I have numerous websites that I frequent but I also spend time finding new sites to shop from, from all over the world.  Right now my go-tos are Arbonne and Sephora, makeup and beauty products lately are taking up a lot of my purchases.  However, I did order a necklace from Pink Accessories and a pair of shoes from Shoedazzle, which has been one of my favs for quite some time now.  Check out my recent purchases below.
This gold statement necklace with pink and yellow plating is going to be the perfect necklace throughout the next Spring/Summer seasons.  I came across Pink Accessories on Instagram and their trendy yet affordable jewellery is perfect for the fashion-forward girl.  I have been looking for toe-capped shoes since seeing them on the runway during the Spring/Summer 2012 Louis Vuitton Fashion Show.  After looking high and dry and refusing to spend $200+ on them, I came across the above gold/bronze toe-capped stilettos from ShoeDazzle and OMG they are amazing, comfortable and fashionable all in one, which is tough to find!  They are great for work or place and everything in between.  I can't wait to get more use out of these!

As I've mentioned my girlfriend introduced me to Arbonne products and I have been loving these products ever since.  I was so sad when I thought I wasn't going to get the above Pampermint Body Wash and Lotion set and the below Awaken Sea Salt Scrub because they were sold out and my order was put on back order.  So you could imagine my surprise and joy when they arrived!  The Pampermint wash and lotion smells incredible and feels so soft and light on my skin.  It is the perfect holiday gift, which I am taking advantage of, and scent.  The Sea Salt Scrub is perfect for the winter months when our skin is more dry, it is the perfect tool to remove dead, flakey skin leaving them feeling like it was mid-summer in December.  My girlfriend also gave me the great tip of using the moisturizing residue as a shaving cream once the scrub has been rinsed off.  This not only saves you money spent on shaving cream it also allows you to use the product from start to finish.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this product and strongly recommend it!

All I can say is that Sephora is the devil, and for someone who loves makeup and beauty products being able to shop online for them instead of in store is major temptation that I cannot resist.  With that said, check out what I bought online at

Stila - Kitten Eye Shadow - this bronze-peach colour is the perfect neutral for everyday wear, whether being at night or during the day.  You can wear this colour alone across the eyelid, as a highlight, or as a base to apply other colours to creating a smokey eye, for example. Love this colour!

Next I purchased NARS - LHASA Eye Shadow - this taupe colour has been such a hot item for me recently.  Being such a neutral colour you can either wear it on its own or mix with other shadows to create a dramatic smokey eye.  This shadow does have a little iridescent shimmer to it and a purple undertone which, when catches the light, changes the colour, creating more depth.

Being blond and very fair skinned bold blushes scream my name while I pass them on the shelves.  I knew immediately after seeing Stila - Self Adjusting Pink Customer Colour Blush that this was the bold pink blush for me.  Whether it is worn lightly to create a natural rosey cheek or worn layered to create a more dramatic and bold cheek, I know I am going to get a lot of use out of this, especially in the summer months when I have a bit of a tan!

Who doesn't love samples!  I got these three Stila Eyeshadow Palettes that feature 10 eye shadows samples in each.  First, Stila - in the moment, eye shadow palette, which features (from top left to right) instinct, impulse, glance, improvise, and catalyst and (from bottom left to right) desire, wonder, spontaneous, whim, and captivate.

Second, Stila - in the garden, eye shadow palette, which features (from top left to right) chinois, breeze, bark, freesia, and rosette and (from bottom left to right) nectar, honey, sage, moss, and juniper.  Third, Stila - in the light, eye shadow palette, which features (from top left to right) bare, kitten, bliss, sunset, and sandstorm and (from bottom left to right) bubbly, gilded gold, lustre, night sky, and ebony.

I also received Lady Gaga's Fame Black Fluid and Hello Kitty's Hello Kitty Eau de Perfum samples.  And lastly Makeup Forever's HD High Definition Primer.

From WalMart I purchased two lipsticks while being in there to find cosmetic organizers, I just couldn't resist!  I purchased Maybelline's #900 Hot Plum (left lipstick tube and the top swatch on my hand) and Revlon's Colourburst Lip Button #015 Tutti Fruiti (right lipstick tube and bottom swatch on my hand).

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  1. Rebecca I am loving that statement necklace! Great piece to create a color blocking look. Shoe Dazzle! You have to do a review on their shoes. Regarding beauty products. I am right with you guys.