Thursday, May 19, 2016

DIY Blackening Seasoning + Tilapia Recipe

This restaurant quality Blackening Seasoning is super easy to make, a fraction of the cost of purchasing pre-made, and is delicious on Fish, Chicken, Steak, or whatever your favourite protein is. The best part is that it is made with everyday spices found in most pantries, and trust me if I had them all then most is an understatement. 

 Here's what you need:
Chili Powder
Garlic Powder
Onion Powder
For 1 serving of protein you need 1/2 tsp per spice, totaling approx 3.5 tsp of mixed seasoning, or like me you can make a larger batch to keep on hand for future use (remember to use equal parts of every spice). Mix all spices together and your seasoning is ready to be rubbed onto your protein.
Now that you have the tools to blacken your favourite protein, I have the quickest and tastiest Tilapia Recipe that takes literally 3 Steps and less than 15 minutes from prep to table. All you need is a Tilapia Fillet, your seasoning, and whatever side you want to serve with it. I served a red cabbage slaw beside it, but roasted veggies, rice, or on-top of a spinach or kale salad would be equally as yummy! 
1) Using 2 tsp of Oil Olive, oil frying pan and let simmer
2) While waiting for your frying pan to heat, rub approx. 1.75 tsp of seasoning per side with your hands, totaling approx. 3.5 tsp of seasoning per fillet
3) Once frying pan is hot, place tilapia in pan - fry until seasoning is crusted then flip over and cook the other side (approx. 3-4 minutes per side) 

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