Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Style Watch - Kourtney Kardashian

I know I have been blogging about the Kardasian's a lot lately, like yourselves, I just can't seem to get enough of them.  I know I know that it's embarassing but common you can't say they aren't entertaining and create interest in the media.  As much as I think they are a fame seaking family, they are not stupid.  Each having there fingers in multiple projects and ventures, they are using their Name and Brand to the fullest.
I can honestly say that my favorite Kardasian sister has to be Kourtney.  I think she is the most down to earth and family oriented.  In such a demainding family and industry I feel she always has her stuff together.  She isn't to mixed up in seaking fame and wants to focus on her family, making sure they are healthy and happy.
I am a huge fan of Kourtney's style.  She is always put together and on trend.  She is not afraid to wear bold prints, patterns or outfits and is no stranger to high end designers.
From appearances, to everyday wear, to the red carpet.  She never dissapoints and always looks amazing.  Her casual chic style is unlike anyone else.  From florals to cargos, dresses to shorts her mix and match style always keeps us on our toes and wanting more.
Kourtney also has an amazing collection of shoes, high, low, extra high, even higher.  All in different colours and styles.  Definitely my kind of girl - a shoe for every occation is a must!
What do you all think of Kourtney's style?

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