Friday, January 13, 2012

Repeat Offender - Kristen Bell

I blogged earlier this week about Kristen Bell being one of my Top 10 Best Dressed at the People's Choice Awards this year.  Well my friends, she has commited an offense.  Spotted Wednesday at the Premiere of The Grey was Kristen Bell in the same Valentino dress and Louboutins.  Please note that the People's Choice Awards were on Tuesday.

Personaly I think she could have picked another outfit for one of the events.  Wearing the same thing in Hollywood is already a no no, let alone wearing the same outfit the day after you already wore it to a major event.  What do you think of Kristen Bell's Fashion No No?


  1. The Grey premiere was actually on the same night as People's Choice Awards. They were like four blocks away from each other. She went to PCA, presented, then left and went to Grey's.

  2. I am proven wrong - still think she should have changed her outfit!

  3. guess we'll have to agree to disagree. it was literally one event after another event. it was a great outfit (considering it made your top 10). i don't see what the big deal is wearing it again especially when it's within a two hour period.