Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Who Said Menswear Can't Be Sexy?

Recently seen all over the International Runways, Menswear Inspired Looks have been making a major influence in everyday women's style.  The "Boyfriend" style of dressing has become a huge trend all over the globe.  The Boyfriend Blazer has been a staple in my closet and I'm sure in yours as well, for a couple of seasons now and it is still a major part of my everyday style.  I have ever started introducing different coloured blazers, such as coral, into my wardrobe as a fun statement piece.  New to my wardrobe is my Michael Kors Boyfriend Watch, which I purchased last weekend while in Orlando.  For me the bigger the better, my oversized watch is a must for the season!  The only trend I have not been able to get into is the Boyfriend Jeans, which are a more relaxed, baggy fit. These trends have been seen on numerous celebrities and regular people, like you and I, on the streets of every major city across the globe.

     Kim Kardashian        Whitney Port         Rachel Bilson

These aren't the only men's inspired fashions that have made the transision from men's fashion into women's fashion. The head to toe tailored suit is also becoming a must in every girls wardrobe.  Whether you are wearing it as a matching suit or mix and matching patterns and textures you are sure to be on trend. 

The City's Olivia Palermo has really gotten into this trend and has been spotted wearing it all over NYC. She has really embraced this trend, both head to toe and mix and matching.


What trends are you already sporting or wanting to try?  

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