Tuesday, November 01, 2011

My Orlando Weekend Away

Home Sweet Home!

After an amazing weekend away of trips to Disney World, shopping and spending some quality time with my boyfriend I am back home and back to reality.  Obvi, wishing I was still there poolside, with a cocktail enjoying the 80 degree weather!  But unfortunately, work and life are calling from back home.

I decided not the purchase the Chanel bag, as the one I want is $3900 and I definitely need to save up for it!  I didnt get the chance to go into Neiman Marcus for the Alexander McQueen scarf, however that is something I can get at home from Holt Renfrew.  I did though pick up some goodies both in Disney and in the outstanding malls and outlet malls near by.

Burberry Earmuffs

Michael Kors Oversized Silver Watch  
T&Co Shopping Bag Charm

Only to mention a few things.  My most favorite purchase was my Minnie Mouse Ears which I wore both days I went to Disney, embarassing my boyfriend a little!  Oh well, I looked so cute :)
Overall, it was an amazing weekend away and I cant wait to go back to Disney! 

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