Thursday, November 17, 2011

Moods Of Norway

"Happy Clothes for Happy People"

While I was away in Orlando I purchased this woolish braided scarf.  When I saw it I instantly fell in love with it and needed to have it!  My boyfriend of course thought otherwise, as do I really need another scarf?  After signing my name and walking away with my new purchase I couldnt help but smile.  Now that I am home, back in cold Toronto I have been wearing it as my everyday scarf, since it is such a neutral colour and goes with literally everything.  I starting thinking what is this "Moods of Norway" brand and where can I buy more of it?  After doing some research and browsing their website, I have completely fallen in love with this brand.  Visit to experience the same love I have.

Norwegian designers Simen Staalnacke, Peder Borresen and Stefan Dahlkvist have been presenting their collections internationally for the past 6 years while representing Norway all at the same time.  Their collections have been inspired by their collective global travels, international studies, and sizzling nights of cocktails.  Since become internationally known it is interesting to know that their Headquarters and main Showroom is still in their small town of Stryn, Norway.  (FYI Stryn, Norway has a population of 6967, so when I say small I mean SMALL)  There are stores across Europe, Japan, USA and even an online store. 

I have posted some photo from their Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Campaigns.

As of now there are no stores listed selling Moods Of Norway in Canada.  Fingers crossed it will be soon because I need some in my life.

What do you think of Moods of Norway? Let comments below.

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