Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lovely end to a great weekend...

After a long 8 hour shift, making it worse on a Sunday! I went out for my friend Julia's 25th birthday. It was just a couple of my girlfriends and I and we went to Momiji, an all you can eat Sushi restaurant in Mississauga! It is by far one of the best, all you can eat, sushi restraints! Delish... I wish I was more hungry... And could have eaten more!!

I am now home, watching the American Music Awards. Right now JLO is killing her performance! Costume changes! Song changes! Dancing! Signings! Wow, so much amazingness! And right before Kelly Clarksin sounded unbelievable! Still a lot more award show to watch! I will fill you all in on all of the fashion and performances tomorrow!

Good night moon!

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