Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blumarine Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear #MFW

"The Blumarine world has been in transition of late. Once, it was all about frills, girlies, and a sensual yet traditional take on romanticism. Now, it's sharp and sexy. Yet it still manages to maintain a soft touch, a sprinkle of twisted innocence, which is quite an accomplishment. Even in a slinky chain-mail dress and high-heel patent ankle boots, the Blumarine woman still looks somehow delicate, albeit fierce. After all, Anne Molinari is known as the queen of roses, a title she still deserves. There were plenty of roses in the collection she presented today - turned into silver brocade, morphed into wildly tactile fil coupe motifs. They felt fresh: In a season of fashionable debates around the real and the fake, the natural and the man-made, they looked positively synthetic, in a disco and escapist kind of way. Hemlines were decidedly short, cuts were graphic, and glitz was quite a preoccupation. The long coats and cozy oversize mink cardigans balanced the abundance of dresses that made the collection a bit monotonous. All in all, it was a convincing outing for Bluemarine." -

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