Friday, March 01, 2013

Marni Fall 2013 - MFW

"So poetic. So beautiful. So melancholic- yet there was a great positivity in the collection. Quite nostalgic too. The show set had a forest like backdrop creating the atmosphere and mood of the collection. It was quite austere and romantic yet encapsulating as well. Monochrome yet again with little hints of colour. The collection had lots of contradictions as well, it was very tough yet very sweet, melancholic yet it had slight elements of positivity, romantic yet powerful. Lots of juxtapositions but still the show was cohesive.  The pieces were minimalistic as always. This season it was more clean and slightly more cheerful. There was a depth structure of textures, such as those wools underneath furs and then those furs underneath detailed furs. It was very luxurious and geometric. There were lots of furs, this collection it being a more texture play than architectural play from last season. It was quite elegant and feminine. There was also a lot of new proportions such as the short shorts, mid-length hems, bigger shoulders with cinched waists. Quite nice to see this at Marni." -

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