Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Caitlin Power - WMCFW Fall 2013

Caitlin Power made her solo debut at World MasterCard Fashion Week with her "New Romanticism" collection inspired by "Parisian architectural institutions that combine classical and modern construction such as Le Louvre.  Power uses the brand's signature structure, geometric jacquard print and juxtaposed fabrics and textures to recreate the strength and timeless landmarks seen abroad." as quoted from the press release.  The collection featured leather and fabric combos, sheer, asymmetrical hems, futuristic shapes, capped shoulders, panelling: sheer, PVC, and metallic, turtlenecks, and jewel tones: navy, bordeaux, and silver.  My favorite piece was definitely the coat with red PVC yoke and funnel collar (image #2), so fab!!  Also, gotta love all the leather gloves from Canadian Leather Guru: Danier Leather.  Overall a stellar collection that was very well styled!
Photos Provided by: George Pimentel

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