Sunday, March 03, 2013

Balenciaga Fall 2013 - PFW

"Marking the debut of his sure-to-be-scrutinized tenure at Balenciaga, Alexander Wangshowed his first collection for the lore-rich house early this morning, à Paris. Mercifully, he played it safe, coloring well inside the proverbial lines with a demure, prim lineup adhering to the brand's current codes (even if blandly at times). Circle-cut hemlines, voluminous sleeves and boneless shoulders were all apparent. To those even passively familiar with the atelier founded by Cristóbal Balenciaga and modernized by Nicolas Ghesquière, these are its most obvious earmarks. Thus, its new chief made an undoubtedly smart choice in decelerating his own street bravado in favor of Balenciaga's norms — the only evident Wangisms were iterations of exposed strapless bras and a black column dress featuring the same waist-wrap drape used at his eponymous fall collection in New York." -

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