Tuesday, January 08, 2013

In Love with Guiseppe Zanotti's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection

150MM Suede Leaves Sculptural Wedges $1808.00 CDN
As much as everyone knows I LOVE shoes, I am unsure whether or not I am going to be participating in the shrunken wedges, if you will, trend.  It isn't because I don't think that they are gorgeous; I just think that they would be next to impossible to walk in.  I could be wrong and I guess I won't find out until I try a pair.  So while browsing the web I came across Guiseppe Zanotti's Spring/Summer 2013 Collection, which featured numerous "shrunken wedges" and boy oh boy are they amazing.  The only problem is I unfortunately do not have anywhere close to $1200 - $3300 to spend on a single pair of shoes.  Oh how I wish I had an endless supply of money.....  Rebecca, back to reality.  What do you think of this trend?  And if you own or have worn a pair of these let me know whether it is easy or not to walk in them.  I'd be super interested to hear your experiences.
150MM Suede and Swarovski Spike Wedges $3319.00 CDN

200MM Swarovski Covered Suede Wedges $2307.00 CDN
200MM Suede Multicolour Open Toe Wedges $1229.00 CDN


  1. Those are so fierce but I don't think I could walk in them! lol

  2. No, I am a fan of Guiseppe but these aren't my favorite. I am over the illusion heels. I think fashion is call for more traditional structure.