Sunday, January 06, 2013

Cherry Culture Addiction

A couple of months ago I came across a website call Cherry Culture, which sells makeup and beauty products at extremely reasonable prices.  With my current love affair with makeup being rekindled this website is both amazing and dangerous.  Check out some of the goodies I have recently purchased.

NYX Matte Lipstick from Left to Right -  MSL01 Nude, MSL03 Hippie Chic, MLS04 Pale Pink, and MLS20 Audrey.  These lipsticks are very matte/dry and require a lip balm/lip gloss as either a primer or top coat to give your lips some moisture.  Other than that the pigment is full and has decent longevity.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania from Left to Right - LP01 Nude Pearl, LP13 Sky Pink Pearl, LP29 True Purple Pearl, LP10 Ocean Blue Pearl, and LP23 Walnut Pearl. These eyeshadow pigments are the perfect mix of matte and shimmer when applied and can either be applied as a sheer shadow or applied over a primer as a full-bodied shadow.  The versatility and options are endless.

LASplash Cosmetics Definitive Eyeliner and Shadow - Midnight Blue.  This duel liner/shadow is a gorgeous blue colour with just enough metallic to really make it pop.  The one thing I didn't like about this product is that it is a lot dryer than I would have liked, closer to an eyeliner pencil.  This will be great for lining my eyes but as for a shadow, I don't think it will work that well.

LASplash Illuminating Highlighting Eyeshadow - #19202 Romance.  This highlighting eyeshadow is going to become my go-to.  Perfect for under the brow, in the tear duct, or as a lid colour.  This light pink colour has a little shimming to allow the shadow to bounce off light creating the illusion of larger eyes.  The shadow is extremely soft to the touch and easily blendable.

NYX Nude Matte Shadow - NMS10 Underneathe It All.  This shadow is extremely silky to the touch, with light coverage.  Extremely matte, however still provides that bit of depth you want to create some interest.  It will be a perfect building colour and also great to fill in my eyebrows with.

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  1. Look at all those NYX goods, super jelly! ;)