Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Chanel Spring 2013 Couture - PCW

"In Lagerfeld’s collection, a streak of German Romanticism brought a touch of shadowed drama to summer’s lightness. The girls were made up with “birds’ eyes” of fluttering organza eyelashes, and sported Sam McKnight’s punkish asymmetric fall of hair and feathers “as though a branch from the trees had fallen in her hair!” as Lagerfeld exclaimed during the fittings. The luxurious details revealed the authority of the Chanel workrooms, and the skills of the fournisseurs that the house has acquired in recent years to keep these crafts alive. Pale or charcoal tweeds (some threaded with pale gold or platinum) that had been handwoven on narrow looms from ribbon and woolen strips were used for A-line jackets flaring gently over belling skirts. If the skirts were short, the legs were still covered—in very high boots made from lace and snakeskin (and sometimes with the classic Chanel contrast toe fabrication simply removed). Some of those boots had upper panels in a fabric to match the rest of the look, creating the witty illusion of tight-fitting knee breeches." -

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