Monday, October 17, 2016

Miu Miu - #PFW Spring 2017

"Miuccia Prada was apparently in a playful summer mood when she put together the Miu Miu collection. At a time when there's so much trouble and stress in the world, it's sometimes a treat to take a break from thinking too much. Who, at this juncture, wouldn't want to buy into the sunny retro-fantasy of Italy at its glamorous postwar peak? That's when Prada was a girl, of course. This is a period she knows so well - the optimistic culture of '60s and early '70s prints. All of these looks were accompanied either by beach slides or wedge sandals, which, on close inspection, had shells and starfish embossed into them. Later, they were worn by delightfully sexy '50s pinup girls in ruched bikinis. It was a great deal of fun, gratefully received in this time of chaos." -

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