Thursday, October 13, 2016

Balenciaga - #PFW Spring 2017

"In his second show, it may have been no coincidence that Gvasalia was turned to think about the motivations behind that fashion fetishism, the drive to possess a particular object and the thrill of stalking out in it. When you're playing at this level, the stakes are high - the premiere league of designers belongs to those who can show women something they've never quite seen before, but leaves them panting for it. Well, Gvasalia joined that league today, by risking the use of spandex. Spandex takes intense color and print brilliantly, shrink-wraps the body, and, as he proved, can drape in a kinkily slinky, glamorous way. There were shoulders, too. Needless to say, Gvasalia's reinvention of the oversize silhouette has been powerful enough to set a trend running. This time, he went further, inserting a whalebone rod across the shoulders of trenchcoats and boxy jackets. It might be a long step too far for normal people, but that's surely the point. [And] There are extremists who will gladly follow anything he does. But more important yet is the fact that he is also a designer who is contributing clothes that will really be worn on the street." -

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