Thursday, August 23, 2012

Babes in Vegas

As you all know I headed to Vegas last weekend for my 25th birthday and wow was it ever one to be remembered.  I say this as I am sitting on my couch with ice on my feet because they are so swollen and barely able to speak, but it was totally worth it.  I can only say that the last two days at work have been tough, a combo of exhaustion and no voice is no good for someone who works in a call centre!  Check out some pics below of my fabulous, party rock weekend!
My weekend started off early Thursday morning with a delay flight... however things started looking up when Laura and I got free Mimosas on the plane! HOLLA :)
We then headed off to pool party after pool party. Encore Beach Party, Wet Republic, and Flamingo Go Party will never be the same after us girls!  I say going 5 for 5 is a good time.
Limos and bottle service was clearly the only way to go... unsure why but it seemed like a good item at the time :)  And we had a hella good time while doing it!
A couple of trips to Margaritaville is a MUST while in Vegas.  Their Nachos are out of this world, to die for, which you can see above to the left.  Ending our trip with a night time viewing of Wizard of Oz at the Cosmo roof top pool was the perfect way to end a crazy trip.  With big birthdays coming up next year I can assure you I will be heading back sooner rather than later and I cannot even complain!

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