Saturday, January 28, 2017

New Year, New Wardrobe...

I wish! And for most of us it is a wish, I mean who wouldn't love to buy a completely new wardrobe every year or season, because I would! Since that isn't my reality I have gotten very creative with revamping and refreshing my wardrobe season after season! It's as simple as introducing different colour/pattern combinations, changing up or adding accessories, investing in quality core pieces, opting for trendy pieces at fast-fashion stores (like Forever 21, H&M, Zara), and treating your man every once in a while to some amazing pieces from Bonobos. Check out some of my other Fashion Do's and Don'ts below that will help you fall in love with your wardrobe all over again.
Fashion Do's:
  • Go through and clean out your closet every Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer.
  • Organize your closet by categories. I have mine separated into Tops/Blouses, Dresses, Skirts, Pants, Shorts, and Sweaters.
  • Take inventory of what you have and don't have.
  • Fit is everything. Invest in tailoring to be sure you look your best.
  • Add a sweater or tights to tank tops and shorts to get more use all year round.
  • Use fashion magazines and blogs to pull inspiration from. Some of my favourite hours spent are getting lost on Pinterest. 
  • Take care of your clothes. I am constantly cleaning and maintaining, it is the reason why my clothes last so long.
  • Explore new brands and stores. Your style won't evolve if you continue to look the same.
 Fashion Don'ts:
  • Head out shopping without some sort of list/plan. It's like going to the grocery store hungry, you end up spending more money on things you don't even need.
  • Shop/wear the trends because you think you have to. Not all trends work for all people/body shapes. Know what works for you!
  • Expensive isn't always better, some of the "cheaper" stores will surprise you.
  • Try to copy someone else's style. Style can be inspired but it needs to be your own. 
  • Purchase anything without trying it on.
  • Be afraid of online shopping. Most companies offer easy exchanges/returns in-store.
  • Be afraid to take a fashion risk. Some of my best/favourite looks have been looks that took me outside my fashion comfort zone.
  • Keep clothes just for the sake of having them. Everything should serve a purpose.
 My Fashion Secrets:
  • The Gap has the BEST jeans and are extremely reasonably priced (only $79.95).
  • Most Dry Clean only clothes can be washed on delicate or by hand and then hung to dry.
  • My space-saving hangers are from The Bay. More space = more clothes!
  • I love a good sale and I will stock up on basics and core pieces.
  • Signing up for Emails can be annoying, however I find out about the best new arrivals and sales/promotions that way.
  • I love Forever 21 for season trends.
  • It's better to be over-dressed than under-dressed.
  • Have the in-store sales associate help you. Sometimes they will pick out pieces that you would have never picked or even scene.

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