Sunday, January 29, 2017

Book Review: "All The Missing Girls"

 My daily commute to and from work had never been better, for once I actually looked forward to getting on the TTC! Knowing for the next 20-25 minutes I would be consumed with the crazy lives of the Farrell family. Megan Miranda 's "All The Missing Girls" has been widely compared to novels by Gillian Flynn, and I couldn't agree more. "All The Missing Girls" is about a small town girl, Nicolette Farrell, who leaves her adolescent past, filled with tragedy, mystery, and secrets, for a new start in a big city. But when Nic's father falls ill and is moved into an assistant living facility, she has to move home for the summer to help her brother with some family affairs. When her "neighbour" Annalise goes missing one night, memories and people from her past quickly resurface,  causing more problems than answers. From the character development to how this novel was written, I loved every part of it. Such a great read, that will keep you guessing until the very last pages. Be sure to head to Chapters (paperback) or Kobo (e-books) to pick up your copy and be devoured by the secrets of Cooley Ridge, North Carolina.
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