Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mini Review: Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Maque

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Macadamia Professional makes THE BEST Hair Mask!
I feel as though this discovery for me is pretty much the same way people felt when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon for the first time! Honestly, Macadamia Professional's Weightless Moisture Masque is THAT life changing! I started using the Weightless Moisture Masque approximately 4 months ago and have been using it on a weekly basis ever since. I use to have extremely dry (more straw-like) hair with constantly breaking split ends, all due to over heat styling and this mask has transformed my hair tremendously, like night and day difference! Also, my hair has grown a significant amount since I started used it, which is even more exciting because I always thought my hair just wouldn't grow! The exclusive Pro Oil Complex used in conjunction with Key Ingredients: Macadamia Oil, Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, Walnut Oil, Humectants, and Vitamin E are the main reasons why this mask will transform your hair from drab to fab! Also, every single Key Ingredient helps with either Moisturizing, Strengthening, or overall Hair Health, all while being uncommonly lightweight (this product is made for Baby-Fine to Fine hair people). Also, the Weightless Moisture Masque is Sulfates-Free, Parabens-Free, Gluten-Free, Colour Safe, and (most importantly) Cruelty-Free! Honestly, doesn't this Masque just sound dreamy, I am actually thinking of hopping in the shower now to use it! And once you're in there all you need is 5-10 minutes to let it absorb and do its thang. Then you'll have hair as hydrated and strong as mine! As you can tell I can't say enough about the Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Masque other than I'm sad because I'm almost out!

NOTE: You can purchase Macadamia Professional Products on (by Macadamia Natural Oil), and is on Ebates, which means Cash Back! Who doesn't love putting money back into their wallet?  If you haven't signed up for Ebates yet click HERE!

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