Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chanel Spring 2015 Couture #PCW

"He claimed the show came to him in an electronic flash. 'One morning in bed, I saw it in a second.' Which certainly beats  most people's dyspeptic awakenings. But that is Lagerfeld to a fabulous T. He sees other worlds - and then he makes them. In the case of his new couture show, it was a garden, the kind of garden, perhaps, that the mad inventor Rotwang might have created in Metropolis, one of Lagerfeld's favourite films. There were also echoes of Blade Runner in the sense of a perfectly realized replicant world (and in the makeup, for that matter). Was Lagerfeld perhaps somewhat of a mad scientist, too? 'No, I'm a well-trained machine,' he fired back. 'I know my métier.' And that was on effortless display today. What Lagerfeld is really doing each season is fine-tuning an attitude. The clothes and accessories exist to amplify that attitude: the flat sock-booties, the bared midriffs, the slouchy skirts ending just below the knee, the huge Edwardian hats or the puffy beanies… they were today's ingredients int he ongoing saga of Chanel's constant reinvention." -

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