Sunday, September 28, 2014

Marchesa #RTW Spring 2015 #LFW

"For the 10th anniversary of their label Marchesa, Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig came home. Chapman and Craig offered a rock-'n'-roll gypsy fantasia. They name-checked Woodstock, but the muddy hippie grunge of that particular watershed seemed less relevant than the supermodel-studded get-togethers of today. Jacquetta Wheeler in an off-the-shoulder, fishtailed gown studded with embroidered flowers was closer to the essence of the collection. You could almost get away with a helicopter into Port Eliot's summerfest in an outfit like that, if it was a fashion statement you wanted to make. Forget Woodstock, it was Ophelia at Glastonbury that Chapman and Craig were invoking. And it was that romantic vein that the collection tapped. A sarong in gold lace, one dress embroidered with flowers and trailing vines, another heavy with silt fringe, its neckline also embroidered with flowers, all of it heading toward a climactic froth of pink tulle…. There is a small universe of women dreaming about how these dresses could transport them into the elevated stratosphere in which their designers reside. Fairy tales can come true." -

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