Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What Was He Thinking… #Pharrellshat

Grammys Red Carpet - CHECK / Cool Outfit - CHECK / Enormous Hat - CHECK?  
Pharrell Williams attended the 56th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday and not only did he get a lot of attention from the numerous Grammys he won that night but also from the strange chapeau he decided to wear.  Throughout the night, on both Twitter and Instagram, numerous spoofs began to surface, which I couldn't help but laugh out loud to… like common look at that hat!  Even Queen B didn't know what to make of this monstrosity.  What a priceless photo!
I needed to share with you some of the my personal favourite #Pharrellshat comparisons.  ENJOY :)
You can't tell me you didn't laugh, at least a little...

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