Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Chanel Spring 2014 Couture - #PCW

"Karl Lagerfeld is the king of couture and Chanel carries the crown well for his creations. Yves Saint Laurent may turn in his grave hearing these words, but he is. And he dominates the direction of couture week year after year with his off the wall introductions. He may be the only one who gets away with the things he does in this arena. This is couture after all. These are one of a kind creations and doing something that people may not like is risky, even under the fashion house of Chanel. He has put entire furry outfits on supermodels, he has donned "street girls", cowgirls, russian dolls, down the runway. Anything is expected from this fashion designer and visionary. We not only see the use of fanny packs, knee pads, and elbow pads often beaded to death or with one of a kind gorgeous french fabrics always garmented with matching fabrics to the outfits they're worn with, but we also have matching tennis shoes to go with each and every look this season. The show would have been all about those details if we hadn't seen such a play on the waist. Often with a Jackie O 50's neckline, the true waist is available for most of this season. Either accompanied with a matching skirt or crafted as a dress, the look IS the future. It was as though he cummerbund focused every look and for that Lagerfeld reason it is wear-able and loveable, sexy, and fresh." - examiner.com

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