Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My 5 Days in London… Day 3

On Day 3 I decided to get out of London and explore some of the countryside England has to offer. As a child I can remember going on Family Vacations and driving all across England, so when I came back almost 20 years later I couldn't resist. I found a tour with Golden Tours that went to Windsor Castle, Stonehenge, and Bath all in one day, I told you I wanted to explore!  However, finding out when I went to check in that we wouldn't be visiting Windsor Castle because of it being Easter and the Queen's birthday, was kind of a bummer, but they already had an alternative location planned, which was Hampton Court Palace. For some brief history on Hampton Court Palace click here.
[What I Wore: Jacket and Jenas: Club Monaco / Brogues: Top Shop / Scarf: Danier Leather / Handbag: Alexander Wang]
Outside the front gates into Hampton Court Palace.
The Tudor Kitchen famous for being used for King Henry VIII.
The Staircase leading into Queen Anne's State Apartment.
The Historical Gardens of Hampton Court covering 750 acres of land.
Next stop on our tour was in Wiltshire to visit Stonehenge, my favourite. I have honestly wanted to revisit this Wonder of the World for almost 20 years.  I can remember as a kid being fascinated by this rock formation, although a lot has changed since my last visit. Before you could literally park right beside the stones and touch them, now you have to park 1.5 miles away at the Visitor Centre and take a tram to the attraction, which is then roped off becoming out of reach.  Although I was slightly disappointed by the new set up and the hardest rain I have ever been in, I quickly forgot about it once I was there looking at this beautiful mystery. Honestly how did those Druids do it?
Typical tourist Stonehenge picture including gloomy skies and water marks on the camera lens.
Last stop was an hour drive from Stonehenge to the Historical Town of Bath to visit the Roman Baths.  Bath is named after and known for the only natural hot springs in Britain which was used by the Romans as a religious spa. Still flowing natural hot springs today at temperatures reaching 96°C, it is sad to say it is no longer in use due to filtration restrictions. What remains of, at the time, the only religious spa in Northern Europe is absolutely beautiful and definitely something worth checking out.
The Bath Abbey, which is still in use today.
After some wandering around and shopping, on to the bus I went to travel back to London.
After returning to London around 8pm, I finished off a long day traveling the country enjoying an authentic British meal at Cheneston's Restaurant inside The Milestone Hotel London.  My girlfriend and her fiancĂ© swear by this place, so I was super excited to try it.  After a well deserved martini and some freshly baked bread and flavoured butter (FYI the tomato butter was to die for), it was on to the main course and a delicious bottle of wine. Ending the night early, we headed back to their flat after dinner and watched an episode of Made in Chelsea before bed. The perfect end to a LONG day!
[What I Wore: Blouse: Aritzia / Tulle Skirt and Belt: Anthropologie / Bracelet: Tiffany & Co. / Pumps: Christian Louboutin]
Inside Cheneston's Restaurant at The Milestone Hotel London.

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