Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jenny Packham Fall 2014 - #NFYW

"There's no way that becoming a household name for being a royal outfitter doesn't change things for a design house. While Packham has always had elegance and glamour, there is an elevated feel to her latest collection and this builds on that "clothes for a princess" aesthetic. Jagger's influence was most obvious in a white pantsuit, the oversized satin blazers and the super wide-leg satin lounge pants. But the silhouette is more 20s than 70s. In fact, with dropped waists and bias cuts all over this runway, there does seem to be a bit of a Downton Abbey, WWI-era feel about the whole thing. Despite these odes to the past, Packham keeps it modern with her use of colour and fabric with lots of current combinations like maroon and hot pink as well as lots of sparkles. A gold ball gown skirt paired with a maroon slouchy sequinned open-weave sweater feels both familiar and innovative. Marabou feather trim was used liberally on cocktail dress hems, but never more notably than on a huge, lavender feather full-length coat." - thefashionspot.com

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